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but in case I am delayed, I write so that you will know how one ought to conduct himself in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and support of the truth. {1Ti 3:15 NASB}

The rise of the internet has brought with it no shortage of Christian resources, anti-christian creeds, and organizations that claim to be Christian but are really everything but.  We now have tremendous resources at our fingertips, and damnable heresy dangerously within reach.  Every Tom, Dick, and Harry has the same access to the same platform and the same potential for a large audience that trusts them and takes them at their word.  And here we are, throwing our hat in that same ring.

What in the world are we thinking?

Well, we’re thinking that God didn’t save us just to do us the favor of getting us out of Hell and letting us into Heaven.  No, God saved us to serve Him and to “proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light” (1 Pet 2:9).  So, we’d better get busy.  We’re also called to be faithful.  While there may be a lot of yahoos doing their best to confuse and refute the Gospel, and there may be better men than us doing a better job than us, none of those things change how we obey God and God’s call to all of us unto faithfulness.

But come to think of it, that’s a funny thing to say for a bunch of guys who work a lot of hours in their own local church; and it’s especially incredible from the few of us who not only put in a lot of work for their church but also full time secular jobs.  The world might look at us and think we’ve done enough.  We’ve done our duty and we can just relax; resting that no one could say we didn’t do something.

For us, though, that’s not enough.  The way we look at it, God’s given us an opportunity and if we don’t take it, we’re not doing right by the God who bought us with a price.  For us, it’s not about “doing enough”, it’s about giving all we have to the One who is our all in all.

pillar-cast-logoThe first way we want to do that is through our Podcast.  The Pillar of Truth podcast will run 5 days a week and will be lead by our fearless leader, Pastor Jimmy Caraway.  Pastor Jimmy is a graduate of Master’s Seminary and pastor of our church, Christ Bible Church in Cranberry Twp. PA.  Jimmy brings his years of hands on ministry experience, his skills at preaching, and his god-given gift to understand Scripture to our humble little show.  Mondays and Tuesdays you’ll hear Jimmy preach from his pulpit. Wednesdays Jimmy will graciously allow me into the studio with him to discuss whatever is on our minds (Jimmy and No Compromise Radio‘s Mike Abendroth call me “The Wednesday Guy”).  Thursdays Jimmy will sit down with someone worth hearing from and interview them.  Fridays, Jimmy will fly solo and offer helpful insights, and in general support “the church of the living God, the pillar and support of the truth” (1 Tim 3:15).

We’re also a Blog.  5-6 times a week, you’ll read articles mostly from myself, but occasionally from Jimmy and our friend Joey Scarfone.  We’ll review music and books, comment on important news involving the church, investigate the culture in which we live, and sometimes even do some Bible study.  In everything we do, we’ll seek to do so from the perspective of a Christian first, and journalist second.  In other words, we want the story, but we want to treat others the way we wish to be treated, and above all… we want the truth.

We’re a ministry that seeks to strengthen the church of Jesus Christ.  The church is, indeed, the pillar and support of truth.  Our goal will always be to see the Church improved, to see the Church rely more on her master and head, the Lord Jesus Christ.  The field may be crowded, but God never promised us we’d be first.  There may be opposition, but God never promised we’d be unopposed.  The internet may have better resources, but God has promised to use the weak and the small.  Perhaps He hasn’t called us to fame, but He certainly has called us to be faithful.

And, by His grace, we hope that is just what our little ministry is found to be.

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