Abortion by the Numbers

44 years.  58 million children.  Those numbers, alone, are breathtaking in and of themselves.  They mark, in no uncertain terms, the darkest period of our country’s history.  We, the land of the free and the home of the brave, have systematically killed innocent children for nearly half of a century.  We, the land founded by the likes of Washington, Madison, Hamilton, and Henry -heroic, profound men- have found a way to justify and even celebrate the death of the very people most in need of protection from harm.  A people group that ought to thrive and find safe haven in a place of rights and due process.  And yet, here we are.  44 blood filled years.  58 innocent dead.

One of the more interesting recurring quirks of history is the blind numbness of the people who live within historic times.  My grandfather fought with distinction in World War II.  Under General Patton, he was caught behind enemy lines in the Battle of the Bulge and served the United States effort to rehabilitate victims of Nazi death camps.  He did not like to talk much of his war experience, but one story that always stuck with me was the efforts of he and his fellow soldiers to carry out General Eisenhower’s orders to round up German people and force them to witness the atrocities of the Nazi camps.  Even years later, relaying the story to me as my elderly grandfather, the anger and shock were palpable as he told me how the German people clearly had no idea how bad the camps were for the prisoners and their horror to discover they had enabled a genocide.  They would wail and moan as they were lead to the ovens and gas chambers.  They would faint and weep as they saw the deplorable living conditions.  Some would lose all control of themselves if they happened to come in contact with an emaciated Jew.  To them, the depth of the horror was new information!  The proverbial veil of propaganda and self-deception was falling from their eyes and the truth, the raw unadulterated truth, was forever undeniable.

America needs its own tour through its own genocide.  It would serve us well to witness an abortion and see the horror and tragedy of tiny bodies of real human beings torn into pieces because some feminist decided it was “her body” and thus “her choice”.  America could use a tour through the often filthy clinics run by hack “doctors” and filled by rabid, agenda driven, and typically under qualified staff; many of whom are volunteers.  Americans should be forced to dig graves and carry tiny coffins to them, adorning them with epitaphs such as “This baby died so his Mom could finish her law degree”, “This baby died because her parents already had two kids”, and “This baby died because her Dad raped her Mom”.  America, blind and numb to the genocide in its midst, needs a dose of the truth.

Numbers are nothing more than cold hard facts.  Those who support and champion our genocide as “progress” can argue the so-called moral virtues or social benefits of systematic murder, but they cannot deny that 58 million people have been sacrificed on the altar of that worldview.  Let us not quibble on the number, either.  The latest official numbers we have from the CDC are from 2013 and put the number of surgical abortions since 1970 at 51,888,303.  That’s a little over 1.2 million innocent lives, on average, every year.  That’s 3,300 deaths every day in the United States.  The actual abortion rate in the 21st century is much lower that 1.2 million per year, at around 600,000 per year.  So why 58 Million?  First, there have been abortions from 2014-2016.  At the current abortion rate of ~600,000 per year, that’s an additional 1.8 million deaths since the last CDC numbers.  However, it’s unfair to believe that every abortion performed is actually reported and one must remember that many of the abortions performed in the past 44 years are NOT surgical abortions.  The morning after pill, early term chemical abortions, and other methods kill the infant without the need for surgery.  While I’m sure many such abortions number in the tens of millions, we cannot be certain how many have been performed.  With an extremely conservative estimate in place, I feel quite comfortable with a grand total of 58 million.

What does 58 million people look like?  It would fill up every seat in every NFL stadium  TWENTY SIX TIMES.  If every aborted person were to live in a new state and petition to join the United States, it would instantly be the largest state in the union… by almost 20 million people.   America’s largest employer is Wal-Mart.  If all of the aborted persons were employed by the same company, it would be 27 times larger than Wal-Mart.  Were the world’s restaurants to be owned exclusively by aborted persons, each would own 4 restaurants.  If each aborted person were to eat a single meal at just one of their restaurants tomorrow, they would collectively have eaten more meals than 660 80 year old people have eaten in their entire lives.  The numbers, when put in perspective, are staggering.

Murder, Inc.

What is even more staggering is the place in history of our genocide.  The Nazi regime killed around 11 million people.  Pol Pot killed 2 million.  Stalin may have killed up to 49 million people, but most estimates believe it to be closer to 40 million.  This means that abortion in America has not only outpaced every major genocide in the 20th century, it outpaced the top three COMBINED.  In fact, we’ve killed so many people by abortion in the United States that our genocide ranks far above any genocide ever recorded in human history.  We have killed the most people, and we have done it in less than 50 years.  Our country views the German holocaust as a somber event (and it is), but yawns at its own.  This nation condescends the short comings of other countries from a platform of what is, unquestionably, the most horrific genocide in human history.

What’s worse is the amount of money that is being paid to continue the genocide.  In its 2014 fiscal year, Planned Parenthood reported receiving $528.4 Million from various American governments.  Lest you believe that receiving government funds only happens when Democrats are in charge, in 2007, President Bush increased funding to Planned Parenthood to almost $300 Million.  The average abortion at Planned Parenthood costs $470 with the most expensive procedure costing around $1,100.  Planned Parenthood performed 323,999 abortions in 2014.  This means that Planned Parenthood received $1,708.96 for EACH abortion it performed in 2014.  That is $607 more per procedure and, 55% MORE than their highest priced procedure for each procedure they performed that year.  In 2007, the numbers were similar.  They performed 305,310 abortions and received an average of $982.60 per procedure.  That is 89% the cost of their most expensive procedure and double the price of their average cost of procedure.  And all of that with the much ballyhooed Hyde Amendment in place under a Republican President.

Plus, government funding doesn’t take into account the massive private donations it receives annually.  No wonder Planned Parenthood has all sorts of money to give to wicked people to run for office!  And, since we KNOW Planned Parenthood does almost nothing but abortions (well, except for this), we can safely conclude that abortion in the United States is fully funded by the taxpayers.   Despite political rhetoric to the contrary, American taxpayers are funding the genocide in their midst and this will continue until Planned Parenthood and places like it receive $0 in funding.  Money is fungible and it is insufficient to say that you will pay for item A but not item B if someone else decides how the money is spent.

Will it take another 44 years and another 58 Million dead for America to come to its senses and end this genocide?  Will we continue to waste Trillions in public money to fund it?  Something tells me that God’s patience with our country will not last that long.  Already we are seeing the culture of death define American culture.  We are already being given over.  One thing is for sure, no number will change our sorry state.  Numbers are cold hard facts, but they are little more than that.  They can tell you what the truth is, but they can’t tell you what the truth means.  For us, the only answer is to apply the Gospel rightly, to humble ourselves completely, and to repent fully.  Until then, the numbers -the vast, frightening, and decimating numbers- will continue to tell the tale:  we are a nation with much blood on our hands.

May God bring an end to our genocide.


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