2016 Pillar of Truth Conference – Justification by Faith

First Session - "A Tale of Two Covenants: Part 1" - Phil Johnson

Second Session - "What Faith Is and Does" - Dan Phillips

Third Session - "5 Good Things Which Are Useless Without Faith" - Frank Turk

Fourth Session - "A Tale of Two Covenants: Part 2" - Phil Johnson

Fifth Session - "Righteousness - Forensic and For-Living" - Dan Phillips

Sixth Session - "By Faith: The Normal Christian Life" - Frank Turk

2015 Pillar of Truth Conference – One Man and One Woman

First Session - "God's Design for Marriage" - Bill Barrick

Second Session - "Jesus Affirms His Heterosexual Design" - Jimmy Caraway

Third Session - "Be Holy: A Right Relationship to Both God and Man" - Bill Barrick

Fourth Session - "Clear Thinking in a Dull Age" - Mike Abendroth

Fifth Session - "What Love Is This?" - Jimmy Caraway

Sixth Session - "Easy to Believe: Lies About Homosexuality/Gay Marriage" - Mike Abendroth

2014 Pillar of Truth Conference

First Session - Jimmy Caraway

Second Session - Mike Abendroth

Third Session - Dr. David Doran

Fourth Session - Mike Abendroth

Fifth Session - Dr. David Doran