Desicion 2016: Jason’s (No) Closing Argument

The pro-Trump evangelical viewpoint has sacrificed what it means to be Christian to achieve a worldly political goal in 4 ways.


1) My opponent claims I own my vote, then writes:

“…you have an obligation to participate in the election… the question is not whether either of the two parties has earned your vote, but which party has earned your vote”

Which is it?  Is it mine to do with as I please (ownership) or does a candidate or party claim it as rightfully theirs?  Is this what we can expect from Trump when he governs property rights – “it’s yours until someone declares you must give it to them”?  Also, what Scripture teaches that I have any obligation to participate in an election?

2) My opponent, on lost credibility:

“Anyone who is worried she might lose credibility by voting for Trump needs to understand that she will also lose credibility in the eyes of many Christians by not voting for Trump.”

His answer to a direct question about that statement:

“…those who oppose voting for Trump are the ones arguing the issue of credibility.  I have not seen any Trump supporters argue this way except me as a way of demonstrating the logical failure of this argument.”

In one case, he warns of lost credibility for us.  In another he says he was just demonstrating a logical failure.  Which is it?


“losing credibility in anyone’s eyes should be irrelevant 1

It was not “irrelevant” to the apostle Peter:

Keep your behavior excellent among the Gentiles, so that in the thing in which they slander you as evildoers, they may because of your good deeds, as they observe them, glorify God in the day of visitation.  {1Pe 2:12 NASB}


Christians, I warn you strongly to reject the following from my opponent:

“As believers we are not only permitted but commanded to determine situations in which we are excused from God’s commands.”

Brother Robb, in Luther’s words “We are beggars”.  Dry bones made alive.  Like Isaiah, in God’s presence, we would be undone.  Hear me: you have no right to determine which of God’s commands you may follow and when you must follow them.  Period.

This lust for such power is spurred on by the same temptation Satan made in Eden: “and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” {Gen 3:5b NASB}  Take care that this lust does not conceive and give birth to sin (James 1:15)!  This is Lordship in a nutshell.  We do not put “God in the dock” and decide if He’s right today or not.  We do not stand in judgement of His precepts and determine if they’ll work in this case or that, or if we should suspend them.  The moment we do, we put God and His commands under our judgement.  We have fought too hard defending the rightful Lordship of Christ to throw it away now.  To undermine Lordship to justify a vote for a sex crazed porn collector that stands against all we hold dear is unthinkable, irresponsible, and sinful.  If you really believe you can suspend His commands when you determine they don’t apply, you are not unlike the Israelites in the times of the Judges.

In those days there was no king in Israel; every man did what was right in his own eyes. {Jdg 17:6 NASB}

That frame of mind led to a terrible, wicked king for Israel.  It will for America too.  Mark my words, situational ethics is the poison pill.  It is the crack in the foundation that will lead to ruin.  It is feet firmly planted in midair.

Mishandling Scripture

70catove1) Jesus ate with sinners in Matthew 9.  Robb cites this passage to demonstrate that compassion for sinners is good.  He’s right.  What isn’t good is Robb’s definition of compassion to mean endorsement or support.  Jesus may have dined with the tax collectors, but He didn’t join their business to extort citizens.  One can have compassion without being yoked together in a common sinful goal.  If compassion means aiding and abetting sinners in their sin, Christian bakers were wrong to refuse to bake wedding cakes for gay weddings.

2) As for Rahab:  If Rahab didn’t sin by lying, then we don’t know what sin is.  The 9th commandment couldn’t be clearer.  God is not only aware of sin; He can use it for His purposes.  Trying to justify sin by twisting this Scripture reveals different motivations than sound exegesis.


Evangelical Trumpism evidently believes the two strongest promises are party platforms and campaigns.  Therefore, trust a serial liar because who would violate the sacred blood oath of a campaign promise?!  Believe the sex crazed porn collector when he says he’ll stop abortion – the blessed sacrament of his lifestyle!

Pragmatism means it doesn’t matter how bad a guy he is.  It doesn’t matter how often he’s lied.  It doesn’t matter if he’s a sex crazed porn collector with white nationalists whispering in his ear.  He made campaign promises to appoint Supreme Court justices and claims to hate abortion; so clearly we must abandon everything we hold sacred to Make America Great Again!  Because our (false) hope for change is the only priority and the ends justify the means.

(Also, I still can't believe she actually said this)


While we’re at it, let’s change our churches to Joel Osteen’s model too!  Shocked?  You shouldn’t be.  If we’re being consistent, if the ends justify the means, then don’t we want people in church?  What’s that you say?  Those people aren’t really Christians?  Well, maybe someone MIGHT get saved.  Since when did credibility matter?  Trump isn’t a credible conservative either and we’re voting for him.

Let’s let our kids get pregnant as teens!  Shocked?  You shouldn’t be.  If we’re being consistent, if the ends justify the means, then isn’t it worth it to have a little baby grandkid?  What’s that you say?  There’s a right and wrong way to have kids?  Yes, but we’ll have a little grandkid.  Since when does how we get what we want matter?  Sound stupid?  Of course it does!  But if we are logically consistent, Robb makes the same argument for Donald Trump: How we accomplish a goal is amoral if the goal is worthwhile.  Save the babies at all costs, even if we must support wickedness and abandon other principles, our dignity, and our credibility to maintain that support.  Don’t you know we’re pragmatists now?

Sickened?  You should be.  But never fear: THERE IS A BETTER WAY.  Instead of being inconsistent pragmatists, twisting scripture and sitting in judgment over God’s precepts to fit our own needs – let’s be Christians instead.  Let’s remember that God says MUCH MORE about how we are to achieve than what we are to achieve.  Let’s realize we’re accountable for obedience, not outcomes.  Let’s acknowledge that Jesus is Lord and we are not, that He gets to determine how we act and why.  Let’s trust Him for the future knowing that He calls us to faithfulness, not results, and is always in control.

Instead of sacrificing all we are for (false) hope, we MUST reject Donald Trump and his depraved, deplorable movement.  We must be FAITHFUL.


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