In God We Trust: The State of the Union

Last night, President Obama gave us his final State of the Union address.  It was, characteristically, a narcissistic speech summed up perfectly by this tweet:

Although, for my money, this was the tweet of the night:

In my opinion, it sounded like the template for a Bernie Sanders endorsement speech.  It was a frightening glimpse of just how terrible this presidency has been for America, and for the church. We must remember to continue to pray for President Obama.

If I were President, this is the speech I would have given:


Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Senators, Congressmen, friends, and my fellow Americans…

In the annals of history, we can be assured that the United States will not be easily ignored.  Truly the Earth has not seen a more influential country.  We’ve invented the technology to usher the world into two eras.  We’ve won two world wars, and defeated three empires – one without firing a shot.  We founded our great land on principles  we treasure so much that we believe them to be given to us by God Himself.  To protect those principles we’ve institutionalized a Government system centered on the furtherance of them, rather than on power of a ruling class; and thus enabled countless millions to live in unprecedented freedom.  Our people are at the center of our government, handing power peacefully from one duly elected representative to another in an unbroken chain of Republican Democracy unlike anything else accomplished in the world before nor since.  This great country has served as the stable home base of countless missionaries, and the wealthy economy of their supporters.  We’ve been the boone and bastion of peace in the world, the champion of what is right, the defender of weaker people, and the beneficiary of the blessings of a Great God who has smiled on us as His instrument to achieve much in His world.

Yet, it is with a heavy heart that I must report to you, fellow stewards of the founder’s vision, you pilots of the grand American experiment that the state of our union is one of peril that we have rarely seen before. The Union is not strong.  It is not robust.  No.   Instead, the state of our Union is rebellion.  It is decay.  The state of our union is sinful, abominable, and amiss.

Rebellion because we have chosen to oppose God at every turn.  This was not always so.  Jefferson, no model of Godly virtue, even understood this in our founding charter when he wrote:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

And yet, what have we done with such an endowment?  We have continued our ugly history of denying these rights to common people, and most insidiously, we’ve done it to the most innocent and undeserving among us.  We’ve killed 55 Million through the great evil of Abortion, dismembering tiny children in a place where they ought to be safest.  With much audacity we cloak our murderous hearts in the black robes of our halls of justice, calling this holocaust the “law of the land”.  We wash the blood off of our hands with the cleansing moral-ism of “human rights” ironically dehumanizing the victims we must sacrifice so we can live, not as we should, but as we wish.  Such dehumanization has been made easy through the horror of exchanging the truth of the humanity of our victims for the lie of their supposed worthlessness.  We convince ourselves that we are doing them, and ourselves, a favor.

As if that was not enough, we will insist that those who have eyes to see the truth pay for the lies of those who refuse to see, who purposely avoid the plain facts in order to remain autonomous and unaccountable to any authority other than themselves.  And woe to he who calls this darkness, darkness; lest he be removed from institutions of influence, vilified publicly, soundly mocked, and marginalized from society and any influence on it.

Worse still, we’ve allowed the trafficking in the sale of their body parts.  Half of Americans yawned as video after video showed callous women sell hearts and brains for new Lamborghinis in the name of science.  Some even snickered, both at the thought of such innovation and the outrage of decent Americans who were rightly appalled.  I promise you that God neither snickered nor yawned.  His fury against such sin fumes from on high.  His judgement is evident even if the fullness of His wrath is, mercifully, withheld.

Fools we are!  Murderous fools!  Rebellious fools.  Fools not worthy of the high calling of the endowment of Liberty our founding Fathers recognized came from the Lord of all.

We have perverted this endowment of liberty as much of America celebrated the profanation of marriage through the disastrous Obergefell decision permitting men to marry men and women to marry women.  Our own White House was lit in rainbow colors to celebrate.  We literally danced in the streets as God’s design for marriage was trampled beneath our feet.  America, the nation founded on the principle that God has defined our rights has now collectively balled up its fist, shaking it at God saying “We’ll have no more of your rights or your ways!  We’ll decide what is true.  We no longer need You.”


Not even our language is safe.  In our saner times, love was defined as sacrifice of oneself for someone else.  Now it is defined as sexual freedom.  Love was understood to be a virtue one chose to follow because it was right.  Now it is merely self-expression.  We rebel daily against the God who defines love, and thus we have lost its proper definition.  But “love” is not our culture’s only victim on this front.

Often this vicious rebellion is decorated with the term”bravery”.  Cleverly, this Union has misapplied the word to imply that all who join the rebellion against God are courageous and just.  We shame our countrymen who disagree, going as far as to steal their wealth and destroy their property for having a difference of opinion, and publicly shaming those lesser magistrates who stand for what is right.  Our rebellion against God knows few limits.  We have declared that we will rule, that our rebel ways must be accepted unequivocally.

What arrogance!  How stupidly daring we’ve become.

As for government, instead of existing as the limited and quiet protector of the freedoms we cherish, it has instead joined sides in the fight fueling this rebellion against the Most High God.  It has grown into the very Leviathan thinkers like Locke warned us against, and patriots like Washington fought hard to defeat.  It has chosen its priorities, drawn its battle lines, and said “that which the people will not accept, we will force.  No longer will we be a servant bound by the chains of The Constitution, but rather a force that will overcome those chains and redefine them to advance the very things we were chained to prevent.”  And all too willing are many who sit in high courts and high offices to do such redefinition in order to remake this culture, the people, into their own image – a task they are happy to accomplish either by bribe or by force, so long as it is accomplished.  Such is the way of our committed rebellion against God.

Professing to be wise, we’ve become fools.  So foolish, in fact, that we choose to ignore basic economic reality in order to continue to fund the rebellion.  This is war, after all.  $16,000,000,000,000 of debt is not too high a price to pay to continue to reward many capable people with a tremendous lifestyle even if they will not work to achieve it.  Such astronomical debt is not too high a price to fund God-hating curricula in schools, and to send young adults to government centers to be indoctrinated with an education that, most of the time, serves no real purpose except to supplant their ignorance with lies that God must be resisted.  And of course, no amount of debt is too much to intervene in the lives of everyday people, to take their land, to dictate the products they must buy, and in every area possible mandate how they must live.  Of course, in our arrogance, we believe this model to be sustainable.  But if it is not, we’ll also assert that we’ll never run out of other people’s money.  But if we do, we’ll simply print more.  And when that is not enough, we’ll take from those we deem less deserving, and redefine property to be conformed to our image.  We are the government, after all, and we are all powerful; powerful enough to overcome even the natural laws of economics.

During this annual speech, it is common for a President to lay out his agenda for the coming year.  It is clear that if we are to have any hope for the future of this once great land, that we must begin with repentance!  I call on all Americans today to lay down their arms in the fight, to end their rebellion.  I implore us all to repent, and to trust in the same God we’ve offended for forgiveness we don’t deserve; a forgiveness assuredly found only in Jesus Christ.

Moreover, we need a government that sees itself as the servant and stewards of the people, not their master.  It will be wise to dismantle much of what we’ve built, to decentralize Washington from the lives of the people.  Most of all, it will serve well to once again view the constitution as chains by which this government must be bound, chains which must be understood as they were intended, not as we interpret them.  The Leviathan must die.  The social contract must die because Government must no longer be seen as an equal of the people.  Government must, instead, serve faithfully the people and, ultimately, the God who placed its stewards in place to begin with.

It is also customary for Presidents to close this speech invoking God’s blessing on this country.  I will not be so foolish as to believe that such an empty invocation will fall on anything but deaf heavenly ears.  Why should God bless America?  Why would He?  Rather, I ask that God humble America, and Americans.  I beg God to be merciful, and to overcome our dark hearts.  I beg Him to redeem us, exchanging the rags of our own righteousness for the pure white garment of His truth.  May He write His truth, His word, into our hearts and save many from the wrath that is to come.  May God be merciful on us who deserve no mercy, and make citizens of heaven us who are rebels on His earth.  Changing our government alone is a fool’s errand.  We ought to want change in our government, so therefore we must work to change the culture from which it springs.  It is no small task to change a stiff necked and rebellious people.  It will take a miracle.

But the God of Abraham, the God of Paul the Apostle, is indeed a miracle worker.  May His name be forever praised, and may He once again smile warmly on the United States of America.

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