Pillar of Links Vol. I

Pillar of Links for 2/7/15:


Three Parent Babies! – Welcome to the Brave New World.  While it’s easy to sympathize with parents of stillbirths and children with defects, and while we all want to find a way for it to happen less, messing with God’s created order is NOT right.  Not now, not ever.


You’re Not Surprised, Are You? – Can anything good come out of TBN?  While the case has yet to be decided in court, would anyone be surprised if the accusations against the network were true?

The Cultural Steamroller Keeps Steamrolling Along. – The Federal Courts sure keep busy finding all these rights that no one ever knew existed until they were gracious enough to point them out for us (/sarcasm).  We might be headed for another showdown as Roy Moore has vowed to defy the Federal Government and uphold Alabama’s Constitution.  Say what you will about Moore and the righteousness or unrighteousness of his cause, but one thing is for certain… the Federal Government is no longer adjudicating between two sides.  They are in the business of choosing a side and throwing their entire weight behind it.  Historically speaking, this does not bode well for Christians.


#TotalDepravity – Stephen Fry seems to think he’s in charge and has some sort of right to question God.  Where do you suppose he got that right?  Romans 1:28-32 essentially describes Stephen Fry and others like him.  Pray he would be humbled and saved.


The Drop Box – This looks like it’s going to be phenomenal.  Mark your calendars, it’ll only be shown for three days!!   Lee Jong-rak may be the next great missionary story in the heritage of Amy Carmichael, Jim Elliot, and George Mueller.



Lloyd Jones on Justification and SanctificationErin Benzinger has a good reminder from Martin Lloyd Jones.


Equipping Eve – Speaking of Erin, check out her brand new ministry bringing theological truth to women everywhere.


Work is Not a Curse! – Good stuff from The Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood‘s Matthew B. Sims.


All Paths Lead to God – Why not give Kevin DeYoung‘s approach a try the next time an unsaved person tells you ‘all roads lead to God’?


Worshiptainment – A thought provoking article from Mike Livingstone.  Spit out the bones, but don’t miss the meat.  For the record, Mike is talking about stuff like this:



Not this:



Religion vs. The GospelAdam Ford is once again concise, convicting, and cheery.  Check this out too, also from Adam.


Kayne West Saves the World? – “I believe that the world can be changed, the world can be saved through design, through unselfish design through unselfish creation”  Missed it by THAT MUCH.  #TheologyMatters

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