Pillar of Links Vol. II

Pillar of Links for 2/14/15:

Shame On Us For Not Being Feminist Enough! – Of course it’s fair to ask if a bill that allows for killing a child in the first 20 weeks of his/her life is really “pro life”, but the Republican Congresswoman who shut the bill down thinks those being critical of her are “abhorrent and childish”.  How broken is your moral compass if you think trying to pass a bill that makes murder harder is “abhorrent”?

Gordon College vs. Society – Christian college Gordon College is faced with a terrible dilemma, revise their personal conduct policy to allow students to fornicate and be in a homosexual relationship, or lose their accreditation.   National Review has the details.

Turn to Christ, Not MaryTurretin Fan, on the Alpha and Omega Ministries blog,  has a helpful, scripture filled response to Vicki Thorn of Catholic Answers and her assertion that sometimes God is too scary for women.

The Dividing Line – While we’re on the subject of Alpha & Omega Ministries, be sure to check out our friend James White and his podcast The Dividing Line.  Along the lines of Turretin Fan’s post, Dr. White has written a book on grief which comes highly recommended by those who have read it.

The Girl in the Tuxedo – Dr. Jean Lloyd shares her personal story in dealing with her temptations toward same-sex attraction.  She effectively highlights just how much has changed in 30 years, and how our current secular culture encourages these sins.  If you’ll recall, she gained some fame a few months back with this helpful article.

Plus OneKevin DeYoung has some helpful advice for those who are struggling to fit in to a local church.  It’s especially refreshing to hear someone talk about the issue from the person’s side, highlighting the oversights of the individual, instead of assuming the church is doing something wrong.

Daryl Waltrip – The retired NASCAR legend spoke at the National Prayer breakfast and shared the gospel.

Fifty Shades of GreyThe Abomination of Desolation Fifty Shades of Grey was released in movie form this week in Hollywood’s latest attempt to dull the conscience of America unto debauchery and wickedness.  Our friend Landon Chapman over at Entreating Favor has a phenomenal piece chocked full of research on 50 Shades’ infiltration into the church.  Meanwhile, Ed Young, for reasons no one but Ed Young understands, baptized a copy of the book last week at his Weekly Variety Show church.

My reaction to Ed Young:
Kidding me - Rage Comic

My reaction to the throngs of 50 Shades fans:

My reaction to you getting “Rick Rolled” when you clicked the 50 Shades link:



Yeah, like I’m going to link you to anything even remotely 50 Shades related.  #FiftyShadesIsAbuse

The “Not-So-Dark” Ages– An interesting answer to a common misconception.  What was called “Christianity” in the Dark Ages did not suppress science.  That shouldn’t be a shock.  The bigger story is why anyone believes it did.

Roy Moore FOR THE WIN – Who does the Federal Government think they are anyway?   Where exactly in the US Constitution do they have any right to decide what is and is not a marriage?  Who issues the licence, the State or the Feds?  Say what you will about Roy Moore, but the man has guts.  Pray for him and for that the wicked would not overcome Alabama in direct contradiction to the wishes of the people who call the state home.

Family Christian Bookstore is Going Bankrupt – Well, they’ve been spiritually bankrupt for some time, but now they’re having money problems too.  Thank God, no?  Adam Ford has a theory as to why they can’t seem to make it.


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