Pillar of Links Vol. IV

Pillar of Links for 2/28/15:

Well… What’s the Point then, Mr. Stanley? – Andy Stanley has this nonsense to say:

Mr. Stanley, Jesus didn’t have to die so our lives could be improved.  Jesus had to die because we are wretched sinners in His sight; sinners whom He loved and rescued from Hell.  Maybe you should tell them that.


Should We Observe Lent – Our Friend Landon Chapman from Entreating Favor offers some great thoughts on why Bible-Believing Christians shouldn’t join Roman Catholics in observing Lent.   In other Chapman related news, he’s the newest blogger over at Pulpit and Pen.  P&P is poised to become the next Pyromaniacs.  You heard it here first.  Mr. Chapman might announce his candidacy for President next week at this rate .. probably.

Real Courage – Denny Burk has the story on  his website about Barronelle Stutzman, a Washington State florist who is a Christian and refused to provide flowers for a gay wedding.  Her letter is stunning and inspiring.  Pray for her.  Mr. Burk’s article over at CNN is also worth your time.


ISIS Takes Christian Prisoners – Pray.


Speaking of ISIS and Their Victims – Kevin DeYoung has an article chocked full of good stuff on the history of Coptic Christianity.  Even if you don’t care about the Copts, read it anyway because the history DeYoung details bears greatly on what we believe today.


Pyromaniacs Conference – The boys over at Team Pyro held a conference a little while ago. They’re making it available to the public now.


Adam Ford’s Latest – Adam is the Bee’s Knees.


I got one of these this week, based on this comic:


The Reformation Still Matters – Good stuff from the Grace to You blog.


Three Little Words – Tim Challies on Three Little Words that will help your relationships.  Not the words you’re thinking of.

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