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  1. Our prayers are with you and Lexi. This happened to my us last year. We had 2 sweet native American kiddos we fostered to adopt for 19 months. The baby came to us at 3 months and her brother came to us at 6 years old. They were going into parental Termination. A week before court happened the tribe stepped in. They were never involved before that. To make things harder we were moving. The kids were going with us. But with the case still open we had the heart wrenching decision. Our house was sold and we already had bought a new. My husband had already been travel hours a day to work. So we went from knowing we were going to be a forever family to packing their stuff and saying”see you later.” May 16,2015 was the worst day of our lives. We have some contact with the little boy. The baby went back to the people they were terminating on. We have no idea how she is. We were mom and dad. I see you fight. And we praise God to see this. We prayed for the next steps when this happened. We prayed for the strength to fight. Instead God put a sweet 9 year old girl in our home. The adoption is final May 17,2016. I’m still in deep prayer on what to do. How to make this better on the kids who all deserve to have safe loving forever homes. Like I said thank you!!! I pray for your strength. Please contact me if there I more we can do.
    I tried to sign this earlier. Idk if it went through. So I hope it is okay.

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